Saudi Aramco decided to construct a 400 MBPD refinery and marine terminal facilities within Jazan Economic City (JEC), located in south‐west on Red Sea coast. The strategic location of the refinery within JEC will leverage the existing distribution assets for products transfers to the demand centers in the area. In addition, the refinery will upgrade 45 MBPD of Jeddah Refinery intermediate feedstock’s (Naphtha, Distillate, and Vacuum Gas Oil) to high quality finished products.

Jazan Refinery and Marine Terminal development project consist of construction of tanks, maintenance facilities and pipe racks spread on the area covering ca 10 km2. Menard performed Dynamic Replacement /Dynamic Compaction for North Tank Farm Package which consist of various diameter tanks like Whole Naphtha, Gasoline, Asphalt, VGO, HSD, Diesel & Fuel Tanks. This was one of the most prestigious project which we constructed successfully under Aramco supervision and achieved high level of quality and safety in addition to high level of engineering and production.

Jizan Refinery Saudi Arabia
Dynamic Replacement
Dynamic Compaction
Jazan Refinery and Marine Terminal Development Project