Kuwait New Cities


Project description
Jaber Al Ahmad project is a part of the Kuwait New Cities Project Development. The project is located at 30 km away from the center of Kuwait City. It involves construction of 4,134 villas, roads, 9 water towers, sewage pipelines & tunnels.

Ground geology
The soil profile was composed of sand and sabkha layers. The specificity of the project is that we are encountering important variations of thickness of the soft soil from 0 to 9m on some parts of the project.

Foundation Solution
Menard Vibro proposed the implementation of Dynamic Compaction and Dynamic Replacement techniques depending on the results of the pre-test campaign. 85% of the compacted area was mainly under Dynamic Replacement method. A variety of phases, pounders and number of blows were used in order to optimize the production. Approximately seven DC/DR cranes were working in order to complete this project in less than 540 days.

Dynamic Compaction
Dynamic Replacement
Foundation Solution
Foundation Solution