Compaction grouting


What is compaction grouting?

It is a the use of a mortar or concrete to laterally compact soils without vibration.



The treatment involves the injection of a mortar, generally with high viscosity, under pressure and at controlled flow rate, which displaces the soil around the drilling tool and subsequently compacts it. Compaction ratios for this technique can be quite high and are generally in the range of 6-10%.



Horizontal compaction of the ground makes it possible to treat soils against liquefaction. Continuous columns are not needed however the method will normally ensure continuity of the columns formed as this can also help reinforce the soil. The final product can therefore be both reinforcement and increase in density of the soil.


Is there a risk of settlement after construction when water is present?
Compaction grouting is a quasi-static process with controlled pressure and injection rates. There is therefore no risk of increasing pore water pressure nor generating post-construction settlement.