Controlled Modulus columns



Menard developed Controlled Modulus Columns in the 1990s to overcome problems of lateral confinement in highly compressible and organic soils. They are now used in all types of soil (cohesive or granular) up to depths of 30 metres or more.



These inclusions are installed with or without soil displacement by low-pressure injection (generally up to 2 bars) of a grout or concrete through the hollow core of the drilling tool. These columns generally have a diameter of between 250 and 500 mm.



The main advantages of Controlled Modulus Columns are rapid execution and significant reduction of settlement compared to untreated soil.


Can Controlled Modulus Columns be built where groundwater is present?
Groundwater is no obstacle. Care should be taken and the design should be adapted accordingly in cases where the water flow through the soil is high.

Is there a risk that earthworks will break the columns?
Our company systematically controls cut-off to ensure the quality of the works. There is no risk of damage if earthworks are carried out according to best practices.

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