Soil Remediation

Subsidiary of Menard, specialising in the activity, REMEA has been developing state-of-the-art expertise in three areas of excellence for the past 10 years

State-of-the-art Soil remediation expertise in three areas


Solution engineering and site implementation

Sol Environment deploys a team of multidisciplinary engineers able to analyse the problematics and to devise, test and implement the most suitable treatment strategies. Treatments can include a chemical, biological or physical actions to break down, extract or neutralise the pollutant.


On-site treatment

This is the optimum solution in terms of cost and environmental impact since pollution is treated on the spot and there is no transfer of materials. Along with additional measures, if necessary, it also keeps the population and activities around the sites without destabilizing neighbouring buildings or underground networks. When adopted, in-situ treatment are prefered (without excavation).


Innovation: degradation of chlorinated solvents

Chlorinated solvents, which penetrate deep into groundwater down to the more impermeable layers, where they concentrate, are more difficult to remediate. To remove them, Sol Environment has developed techniques tailored to the specific type of soil remediation. The method can use soil mixing or injection via sleeve tubes of reagents such as iron particles to neutralise the solvents by oxidation-reduction. Menard-Vibro comes under leading soil remediation companies in the world for more information contact us.